Remembering Srebrenica

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Read our open letter to the schools of King Edward VI

Addressing Racism in the Schools of King Edward VI

On the 5th of June, pupils from across the King Edward VI foundation came together to ask the schools of King Edward VI to take further action on racism and race education in our schools. Our campaign began with an open letter to the heads of the schools of King Edward VI. To summarise, we asked for the enforcement of school behavioural policies, the creation of safe spaces for pupils to report abuse and the education of pupils on race-related issues. I’d implore you all to read the letter we wrote. Following our letter was the formation of a special committee made up of pupils from all the schools in the King Edward VI foundation.  This is the first time that such a committee has been formed and we hope that through working together as pupils and staff from across eleven schools, we will be able to implement real change.

Read the school of King Edward VI's response here