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The Student Council's primary aim is promoting change for the good of the pupils of Camp Hill and representing the interests of the student body.

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The purpose of the Student Council is to fairly and adequately present the view of the student body to senior management in school, including the Headmaster and Deputy Headmasters. The aim is to promote change for the good of the pupils of Camp Hill and to represent their interests which can often be ignored. The Student Council gives the student body a voice and it is essential for that voice to be heard. The Student Council holds meetings weekly and welcomes anyone who wishes to have their voice heard. The meetings are run by the chairperson of the Student Council, currently Adeen Irfan. Unlike many other student councils, we don’t follow a strict form representative system but instead we welcome the voice of anyone who wishes to become a member, not limiting the voices we hear.

The Student Council aims to be more efficient than ever and will prioritise taking action.


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